(nee-o-re-geel' ee-ah)

Common name: Neoregelia, Blushing Bromeliad (carolinae), Black-spined Neoregelia (melanodonta), Fingernail Plant (spectabilis)

Family: Bromeliaceae, Bromeliad

Height x width: 12-24" x 12-24"

Growth rate: moderate

Foliage: rosettes of 20-30 strap-shaped leaves, often wider in the center, variable, usually spiny margins, colorful leaf sheaths enclose the flowers and bracts, often striped (longitudinal) or with cross bands

Flowers: compact in the center of leaf rosettes, many crowded long-lasting tubular flowers often blue or white

Light: bright (for best leaf color, often red leaves become green in low light) to low

Temperature: cool to warm

Watering: moderate

Fertility: moderate

Humidity: humid

Soil: epiphytic, terrestrial for ampullacea, spectabilisand often others as well

Pests and Problems: leaf spots, bacterial soft rot (especially if too wet), scale insects, mealybugs

Growth habit, uses: flowering, for humid areas

Other interest: native to Brazilian rain forests; named for 19th century German botanist and botanic garden director E.A. von Regel; similar to Nidularium only this genus has simple (not compound) inflorescences and flowers with pedicels (short-stalked, not sessile)

Other culture: keep rosettes filled with water, relatively easy indoors

Propagation: sow seed with bottom heat, remove offsets

Species, related taxa:

Of the about 70 species, the following and their variants are often seen, with carolinae most common.
Species height foliage center leaves flowers, bracts habit
ampulacea 16" red bands same blue-white stoloniferous
carolinae 8-12" coppery crimson blue, red bracts epiphytic
c. 'Meyendorffii' 8-12" white margins crimson blue, red bracts epiphytic
c. 'Tricolor' 8-12" ivory stripes crimson blue, red bracts  epiphytic
concentrica 12" purple tips same yellow-purple bracts epiphytic
c. var. plutonis 12" flushed red same pale lavender epiphytic
eleutheropetala 24" red bases purplish white, purplish bracts stoloniferous
'Fireball' 12" reddish same white epiphytic
'Marcon' 12" red marbled same white epiphytic
melanodonta 12" red blotches same light blue epiphytic
pineliana 18" gray scaly red blue epiphytic
princeps 30" grayish red white-red spreading
spectabilis 18" red tips, olive red blue, purple bracts terrestrial
'Vulcan' 12" blotched red purplish white epiphytic

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS121, Indoor Plants.

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