Tulipa tulips

(tuu-lip' ah)

Common name: Tulip

Family: Liliaceae, Lily

Height x width: 6-36" x 6"

Growth rate: moderate to fast

Bulbs: white with brown flaking outer scales, rounded with elongated top, generally uniform and 1.5" across, but varies
(photo showing range in size, Red Hunter on left, species on right)

Foliage: usually arising directly from the bulb, broad and 6-10" long, thick, glabrous and glaucous, ovate to lanceolate

Flowers: spring, many solid and mixed colors, erect and bell or saucer shaped with 6 perianth segments

Hardiness: perennial bulb usually grown as an annual for one year, zones 4-7

Soil: most, prefer heavy, well-drained

Light: sun

Pests and problems: botrytis gray mold most common, basal and stem rots, tulip break virus

Landscape habit, uses: massed in borders or used alone in formal beds, rock gardens, containers, forcing, cutting

Other interest: native to Turkey; name derived from Persian word toliban refering to inverted flower of some species which resembles a turban

Other culture: easily grown although susceptible to feeding by rodents and small animals unlike Narcissus; some cultivars listed as perennial, although most cultivars rapidly decline after the first year hence their treatment as an annual, planting new bulbs each fall 5-6" deep and 6-12" apart.

Propagation: bulblets formed from mother bulb, usually purchased from specialty bulb growers to gain maximum size bulb and so of flowers


Cultivars: those marked * are among the more common
Class, Group Spring bloom height other
1. Single Early early-mid 6-18" solitary, white to purple, often marked
2. Double Early early-mid 12-18" solitary, white to yellow to red
3. Triumph mid 18-24" solitary, single, former Mendels
4. Darwin Hybrids mid 24-36" solitary, single, often with fosteriana parent
5. Darwin, Cottage late 24-36" solitary to bunched, cup to egg shaped
6. Lily-flowered mid-late 18-24" solitary, single, flower tips curve outward
7. Fringed late 18-24" solitary, single, fringed edges
8. Viridiflora late 18-24" solitary, single, green streaks or blotches
9. Rembrandt late 18-24" irregularly bicolored from virus
10. Parrot mid-late 22-28" deeply cut margins, often bicolors
11. Double Late late 24-30" peony flowered, solitary, large
12. Kaufmanniana early 6-12" straplike leaves like "waterlily", single
13. Fosteriana very early 6-18" single oval blooms, purple streaked foliage
14. Greigii early 6-10" multicolored, foliage streaked
15. Miscellaneous     usually small species for rock gardens


Cultivars, species Class color other
'Abu Hassan' 3 red, yellow edge  
'Alaska' 6 yellow  
'Ambassador' 3 red  
'Angel' 8 green, off white  
'Angelique'* 11 pink  
'Anna Jose' 3 pink, yellow  
'Apeldoorn'* 4 red  
'Apeldoorn Elite' 4 red  
'Apricot Parrot' 10 orange  
'Aristocrat' 5 pink to rose  
'Artist' 8 green, deep rose  
'Attila'* 3 purple  
batalinii 15 pale orange 12" tall
'Beauty of Apeldoorn' 4 yellow  
'Bellflower' 7 pink  
'Bellona' 1 yellow  
'Best Seller' 3 yellow to orange  
biflora 15 white, yellow, red, green 4" tall, fragrant
'Big Chief' 4 pink to rose  
'Black Parrot' 10 purple  
'Bleu Aimable' 5 lilac  
'Blue Heron' 7 red violet  
'Blue Parrot' 10 purple  
'Bonanza' 11 red  
'Brilliant Star' 1 red  
'Broadway' 3 red, white  
'Burgundy Lace' 7 claret, white fringe  
'Cape Cod' 14 orange, yellow, red, black  
'Carnival de Nice' 11 white  
clusiana 15 cream, red 12" tall, Lady Tulip
'Cheerleader' 3 red  
'China Pink' 6 rose pink  
'Christmas Marvel' 1 pink  
'Clara Butt' 5 pink to rose  
'Concerto' 13 white  
'Corsage' 14 orange pink, yellow edge  
'Couleur Cardinal' 1 red  
'Dance' 12 red, white  
'Diana' 1 white  
'Don Quichotte' 3 pink  
'Douglas Baader' 3 pink, white  
'Dr. Plesman' 1 orange  
'Dreaming Maid' 3 pink  
'Dreamland' 3 pink, white  
'Electra' 2 red  
'Elegant Lady' 11 pink  
'Elizabeth Arden' 4 orange  
'Eros' 11 pink  
'Estella Rijnveld' 10 red  
'Fancy Frills' 7 pink, white fringe  
'Fantasy' 10 pink  
'Firebird' 10 red  
'First Lady' 3 purple  
'Flying Dutchman' 5 red  
'Fritz Kreisler' 12 pale peach  
'Fusilier'* 15 red bunching, from praestans
'Gander's Rhapsody' 3 pink  
'Garden Party 3 red  
'General De Wet' 1 orange  
'Gold Medal' 11 yellow  
'Golden Age' 5 yellow  
'Golden Artist' 8 green, yellow and red  
'Golden Tango' 14 yellow  
'Greenland' 8 green, pink  
'Gudoshnik' 4 yellow  
'Hibernia' 3 white  
'Holland's Glory' 4 red  
'Hummingbird' 8 green, yellow  
'Ibis' 1 pink  
'Indian Girl' 3 red brown, yellow  
'Insurpassable' 4 lilac  
'Jewel of Spring' 4 yellow  
'Johann Strauss' 12 yellow, red  
'Karel Diorman' 10 yellow  
'Kees Nelis' 3 yellow to orange  
'Keizerkroom' 1 yellow, red  
'Lilac Perfection' 10 purple  
linifolia 15 red, black 12" tall
'Lucky Strike' 3 red  
'Magier' 5 white, red violet  
'Maja' 7 yellow  
'Makassar' 3 yellow to orange  
'Marilyn' 11 white  
'Maytime' 6 violet  
'May Wonder' 11 pink  
'Mount Tacoma'* 11 white  
'Negrita'* 3 purple  
'New Design' 3 yellow, pink  
'Orange Favorite' 10 orange  
'Orange Nassau' 2 yellow-orange  
'Orange Triumph' 11 orange  
'Orange Wonder' 3 yellow to orange  
'Oxford' 4 red  
'Parade' 4 red  
'Parrot Wonder' 10 red  
'Paul Richter' 3 red  
'Peach Blossom' 2 pink  
'Peppermint Stick'* 15 red, white  
'Pimpernel' 8 green, claret  
'Pink Emperor' 13 pink  
'Pink Impression' 4 pink to rose  
'Plaisir'* 14 cream, red and yellow  
'President Kennedy' 4 yellow  
'Princess Irene' 1 orange  
'Prominence' 3 red  
pulchella 15 red-violet 8" tall
'Purissima' 13 white  
'Purple Star' 3 purple  
'Queen of Bartigons' 5 pink to rose  
'Queen of Night'* 5 purple  
'Queen of Sheba' 6 red  
'Red Emperor'* 13 red  
'Red Riding Hood' 14 red, yellow and black  
'Red Shine' 6 red  
'Redwing' 7 red  
saxatilis 15 lilac, yellow-orange Candia Tulip, 6-18" tall
'Schoonoord' 2 white  
'Scotch Lassie' 5 purple  
'Shakespeare' 12 salmon, yellow and red  
'Shirley' 3 white, magenta  
'Sorbet' 5 white, red  
'Sparkling Fire' 14 red  
'Spring Green' 8 green, ivory  
'Spring Song' 4 red  
'Stresa' 12 orange, red  
'Sweet Harmony' 5 yellow  
'Sweet Lady' 12 orange pink  
sylvestris 15 yellow, green and red 18" tall
tarda* 15 cream, yellow 4-11 star-shaped, 4" tall
'Texas Gold' 10 yellow  
'Toronto' 14 salmon, yellow, red, green  
turkestanica 15 white, yellow 12" tall, similar to biflora
'Uncle Tom' 11 red  
'Unicum' 15 red bunching, from praestans
'Van Tubergen' 15 red bunching, from praestans
'Victor H. Ries' 3 purple  
'Waterlily' 12 light yellow  
'West Point' 6 yellow  
'White Dream' 3 white  
'White Emperor' 13 white  
'White Swallow' 11 white  
'White Triumphator' 6 white  
'Yellow Dover' 4 yellow  
'Yellow Empress' 13 yellow  
'Yellow President' 3 yellow to orange  

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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