(kor-ee-op' siss)

Common name: Tickseed

Family: Asteraceae, Aster

Height x width: 6-18" x 1-3'

Growth rate: moderate to fast

Foliage: entire, opposite or lobed

Flowers: yellow, daisy-like, 2 circles of bracts around flower heads, mostly summer

Hardiness: zones 3-5 to 7-9

Soil: well-drained

Light: full sun

Pests and problems: leaf spots, rusts, wilt, aphids, plant bugs, beetles

Landscape habit, uses: front of border, groundcover, underplanting

Other interest: seeds resemble small bugs hence genus name translated "like a bug" and common name, perennial and annual species, perennials once known as Leptosyne, native to southern and eastern U.S.

Other culture: deadhead for prolonged bloom

Propagation: division, some by seed or cuttings


auriculata (are-i-cue-laa' tah)--Mouse Ear Coreopsis, zones 4-9, 1-2' x 1', golden yellow flowers in spring, rounded leaves with 1-2 basal lobes, spreads somewhat

grandiflora (gran-di-floor' ah)--Tickseed, zones 4?-9, 1-2' x 1', yellow flowers in summer, may self-sow in zones 8-9

lanceolata (lan-cee-o-laa' tah)--Lanceleaf Coreopsis, zones 3-8, 1-2' x 2', yellow flowers in late spring, similar to grandiflora only leaves not as deeply cut

rosea (ro-zee' ah)--Pink Coreopsis, zones 4-7, 9-15" x 2-3', rose-pink flowers in summer, thread-like leaves, usually see var. nana in trade

verticillata (ver-tiss-ill-aa' tah)--Thread Leaf Coreopsis, zones 4-9, 18"-3' x 3', yellow flowers in summer, long bloom time, drought tolerant since thread-like leaves, few flowers per inflorescence

Cultivars, other taxa species flowers other
'Baby Sun': 'Sonnenkind'      
'Early Sunrise' grandiflora bright yellow, semidouble AAS winner 1989  often grown as an annual
'Golden Shower':'Grandiflora'      
'Goldfink' -- yellow, orange center 2" flowers, 9" tall
'Grandiflora' verticillata bright yellow 18-24" tall
'Moonbeam' verticillata neon yellow summer, PPA 1992 
'Nana' auriculata golden best of species
'Sonnenkind' lanceolata yellow-orange compact 12-18" tall
'Sunray' -- yellow, double 2" flowers, long bloom
'Tequila Sunrise'
lanceolata x grandiflora
variegated leaves olive/cream/yellow, 14-16" tall, 12-14" wide, zone 6?
'Zagreb' verticillata deep yellow 12-19" tall, tough

 (cultivar photos courtesy Missouri Botanical garden plantfinder)

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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