(gip-sa' fill-ah)

Common name: Baby's Breath

Family: Caryophyllaceae, Pinks

Height x width:18-36" x 12-24"

Growth rate, habit: moderate; mounded, open

Foliage: linear lanceolate, 1-2" long

Flowers: many-flowered loose and open panicle inflorescence, white or pink

Hardiness: zones 3-9

Soil: well-drained, prefers alkaline 7.0-7.5

Light: sun

Pests and problems: botrytis blight, aster yellows virus, crown gall, damping-off, bacterial fasciation, leafhoppers

Landscape habit, uses: very fine texture mass, filler, cutting, rock gardens

Other interest: name from Greek gypsos or gypsum and philos or friendship refering to its affinity for gypsum rock derived soils; native to Europe and northern Asia

Other culture: tall cultivars may need staking

Propagation: seed, difficult to divide fleshy roots in spring or fall, terminal cuttings after flowering, tissue culture, formerly some cultivars were grafted


aretoides (air-e-toy' dees)--zones 5-9, native to Caucasus and northern Iran mountains, white, gray-green leaves, dense cushion-forming

cerastoides (sair-ass-toy' dees)--zones 5-9, native to Himalayas, white or lilac flowers with pink veins in summer, mat-forming similar to Cerastium with blue-green hairy leaves

paniculata (pa-ni-cue-lah' tah)--18-36" tall depending on cultivar, main species

repens (ree' pens)--Creeping Baby's Breath, 4-6" tall, good over walls or in rock gardens

Cultivars, other taxa species flowers height other
var. alba repens clear white 4-6"  
'Bristol Fairy' paniculata white, double 24" repeat bloom
'Caucasica' aretoides white 18" dense, blue-green foliage
'Compacta Plena' paniculata white, semi-double 18"  
'Dorothy Teacher' repens soft pink 4-6" blue-green leaves
'Double Snowflake':'Schneeflocke'        
'Dubia' repens white flushed pink 4-6" bluish leaves, red stems
'Festival' paniculata pink, white mix 15" from seed, single, double
'Flamingo' paniculata pink, double 24"  
'Fratensis' repens rich pink 4-6"  
'Perfecta' paniculata white, double, large 30"  
'Pink Fairy' paniculata pink, double 18" blooms until frost
'Pink Star' paniculata pink 18"  
'Red Sea' paniculata rose, double 3-4'  
'Rosea' repens pink 4-6"  
'Rosenschlier' hybrid pink, semi-double 15" paniculata x repens
'Rosy Veil':'Rosenschlier'        
'Schneeflocke' paniculata white, double 36"  
'Viette's Dwarf' paniculata pinkish, double 18"  

Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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