Brugmansia (and Datura) brugmansia     datura

(brug-man' see-ah)

Common name: Angel's Trumpet

Family: Solanaceae (Nightshade)

Height x width: 3-6' x 3-6'

Growth habit: tree-like, weeping flowers, woody stems

Growth rate: slow to moderate

Foliage: ovate, varies in size on the same plant. Often coarsely toothed when young, later entire. Often has a strange odor.

Flowers: stunning, trumpet-shaped flowers can be up to 20" long, pendulous/hanging down; formerly in Datura but this latter genus now restricted to those with upright flowers, primarily Datura metel  which is often known as Thorn apple due to the spiked fruits; white, yellow, peach to reddish
(photo courtesy, plantasraras)

Hardiness: USDA zone 9

Soil: average potting soil, well-drained

Light: full sun in north, strong filtered in south

Pests and Problems: Broad-nosed weevils, whiteflies, spider mites and scales indoors. Whiteflies can kill a small plant very quickly. Concentric rings form by virus--destroy plants if so to prevent spread.

Landscape habit, uses: Datura is a very exotic flowering plant for a warm, sunny window indoors, where space. They make large container plants in the summer on patios, or set among and within gardens. These may need to be pruned back in the fall before being brought inside due to size.

Other interest: There may be some confusion distinguishing this species from Datura. " …true daturas are short lived, herbaceous plants with smaller, more upright flowers and capsular fruits that are usually prickly (brugmansias have fleshy, unarmed fruit that may be very long and narrow)." (Botanica, 1997) Native to South America, especially the Andes. All parts of this plant are narcotic and poisonous, and are used by native peoples in South America for medicinal and narcotic uses.

Other culture: Prune untidy or lanky stems in the spring. Water well in the summer, but avoid waterlogging the roots. Water sparingly in the winter, but avoid letting the plant dry out completely. Warm in the summer (outside) and cool in the winter (above 40ºF, 5ºC).

Propagation: semi-hardwood cuttings in summer, seeds (some species and hybrids have sterile seeds which wont germinate)


Cultivar species flowers other
'Charles Grimaldi'   salmon large and many fls.
'Golden Queen' aurea soft yellow scented
'Grand Marnier' versicolor apricot RHS award
'Jamaican Yellow' suaveolens yellow  
'Knightii' x candida yellow RHS award, double fls.
'Peaches and Cream'   peach from Logee's, variegated lvs.
'Variegata' x candida apricot lvs. edged white, fewer fls.

©Authored by Rebecca Slater and Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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